Dawn & Paul

This post is a little later than I would like but I thought I would write it anyway. Better later than never right?

I was happy to be selected as one of three photographers from my photo club to shoot a concert from Dawn Tyler-Watson & Paul Deslauriers at Chez Maurice in St-Lazare a few weeks back.  I really wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and so I rented two lenses; the Nikon 85mm f1.4 and the 70 – 200mm f2.8.  Wow, I was happy I had them. They were both stunning and really helped me get the shots I wanted. I ended up using the 85mm more than the 70-200 because I found the shorter focal length much better. The crop factor from my D300 was a little much with the 70-200, anyway enough technical stuff they were crazy good and I’ve been spoiled now and find myself dreaming of the 85mm f1.4. Hmmmmm but then I remember the price tag and my dream turns into a nightmare AWWWWWWWWWW Help! With taxes I’d be looking at $2000 if I bought new. Ok let’s move on…. Here’s some eye candy from the night, one of my favorites.

Dawn Tyler-Watson & Paul Deslauriers on stage

Dawn Tyler-Watson & Paul Deslauriers

As I mentioned it was a great opportunity to be selected, all 3 photographers met Dawn & Paul before the show and then were allowed to shoot during the whole show. Normally we can only shoot the first 2 or 3 songs then time’s up, but we could take our time and try out things and even enjoy the show. They were great by the way. It was fun exchanging notes with the other 2 photographers.

Dawn & Paul performing at Chez Maurice

Dawn & Paul

I did have a problem with my camera though. My Nikon D300 would randomly stop recognizing the aperture of the lens and either not take images or if it did they would be almost 100% black. I was getting a reading of “f0” and would have to remove the lens, turn the camera on and off until it would come back to life.  The problem seams to only occur when I use different lenses. When I have my Sigma 24-70 attached it works fine. So I have to bring it in soon to see if Nikon can fix it.

Paul Deslauriers performing

Paul Deslauriers

I’m hoping to shoot many shows this summer and there are many scheduled in St-Lazare where I may be selected again as photographer because of my photo club. I like the below shot because you can really tell Dawn & Paul were really into it and rocking hard. There were some moments that were pretty intense and others very soft.

Dawn & Paul performing

Dawn & Paul rockin' hard

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Big Life Foundation

A Shadow Falls, Nick Brandt

Nick Brandt is an incredible photographer. His wildlife images are like I’ve never seen before. They have a studio, portrait look to them but are taken in the wild. This image is of me looking at an image from his book “A Shadow Falls” and is filled with stunning images. His website is here.

I received an email this past week from Nick, ( I’m on his mailing list, it’s not like were buddies or anything :-0 ) and he explains that most of the large tusk elephants from his images have since been killed for their ivory. He’s set up a non-profit organization to raise money to create an anti-poaching team. Poachers are winning the battle and Nick has decided to try to help before it’s too late.
I’ve never reached out to people for this kind of thing but thought I would incorporate this into my 365 project and spread the news about Nick’s project. I will donate to the cause and hope you’ll consider as well.
Here’s a link to the site where it is all explained in detail.

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The Joy of Photography is…

page from the book "The Joy of Photography"

learning to see...

…learning to see. I was looking through some old photography books and found this old one. Some things about photography will never change, vision is one of them. Equipment changes too fast to even keep up to date with the latest & greatest and you can spend a lot of money on gear but without vision you’ll have a much harder time getting great shots.

Gotta get back to reading an old book.

Thanks for reading, Patrick

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10 Musical Facts

man playing drums

Me playing drums.

I was tagged on Flickr (a game Flickr people play) to post a self portrait and share 10 musical facts about myself. So here they are, enjoy.

Music is essential to me. It’s everywhere. I hear rhythm everywhere, in traffic, shopping, in machinery, everywhere. I hear it, latch on and then it continues internally.

I’ve played drums since I was 12 years old and still play today at 43.

I’ve played in many cover bands over the years. In the late 80’s, geez that makes me feel so old, I guess I am :-), anyway, in the late 80’s I was in an original band called The Griffins, we did pretty well in the Montreal area for a short time. We opened for bands like The Proclaimers, Barney Bentall (Canadian act), The Pursuit of Happiness (another Canadian act), The Jazz Butcher and many other touring bands. We recorded a little.

I later played in another original Montreal band, Shooting Rubys, and we also played lots and recorded a CD. We were good, at times very good but it’s all over now, sniff sniff. It’s all good we still jam every now and then. If you Google Shooting Rubys you’ll find something.

Like many people, I like many types of music but mostly listen to various forms of rock, alternative rock, indie rock, country-rock (Americana) and also love jazz too.

I don’t like saying I have a favorite anything when it comes to music because it depends so much on my mood. A few artists / bands I love are; WILCO, The Police, Bjork, Peter Gabriel, Pearl Jam, Pat Metheny, Malajube and so much more…

I’ve kept EVERY ticket stub from EVERY concert I’ve EVER been to. I should count them one day. There are many, many, many.

Ennio Morricone’s “The Mission” soundtrack is one of my Desert Island discs. I listen to it when I’m feeling shitty and it lifts me up every time.

I wish I had more time for music.

I wish more people would take up an instrument, anything, just do it. Life is better with music.

Thanks for reading, Patrick

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Photo Wall

We’ve wanted to select, print & frame some images for one of our walls for a while but never got around to doing it. It’s surprising how little people get their images printed these days and even more surprising for people, like me, who care so much about photography. We view our images on our computors and online. Some people never even load them into their computors, they just look at them on the screen of their camera but that’s a whole other story! Imagine, no backups!! Scarry isn’t it?

So we bought a bunch of frames, all the same style from Ikea, and have selected 22 images that we like. At first I thought we should select similar stylesimages like portraits, lanscapes, macros and also have the same treatment like sepia or black & white. That way the images would all have the same theme and look to unify them. I’ve seen that before and it looks good. Well that’s not what we’re doing. Not sure how it will look but we just randomly selected images we like and will put them all together and hope for the best.

Here below are the first 4 images I printed and framed. Only 16 more to go.

I’ll post the completed wall when we’re done.

Thanks for reading and now go on and get some images printed and framed too! :-)


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In-Car Photography

office building with storm clouds

Storm Building

I took this shot while driving. Yes I know NOT safe but I was driving slow and wasn’t really looking at the camera too much while shooting. I just had to capture those clouds and I’ve always wanted to shoot that building that’s near my house.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading, Patrick

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4 colored bottles

Bottle Colors

My photo of the day was inspired by images I’ve seen online and was fun to set-up but I goofed on the focus and only noticed after it was too late. I wanted everything to be sharp but only the blue one is. I’m still feeling sick and at this point I’m too tired to go set up again to get it right. Lesson learnt, CHECK FOCUS!!!! It looked ok on the camera LCD but I guess I didn’t zoom in enough eh? No excuses! My bad. There’s a saying in woodworking that applies here; “measure twice, cut once”. In the end I still the image so I’ll have no problem going to sleep tonight, ha ha!! Just kidding, I don’t take myself that serious, really. Ok enough babbling, off to bed for me.

Thanks for reading and good night,

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